“I’m a former journalist and TV producer turned fulltime astrology writer. I write in newspapers, magazines and websites all over the world like the Daily Stars on Yahoo! Australia”.

How has your career changed since becoming a mother? “I definitely work harder than I’ve ever done before in my life! My husband is a fulltime Dad and I work from home, so I get to hang out with my boys a lot which is great. I did feel guilty at first about not doing a good job of either working or mothering but I now know I am doing the best I can and so far, so good – touch wood, thank God/dess!”

How do you juggle your day? “Well I get up in the morning, attempt to get out of my pjs and walk to my computer! And even though I am hopeless at going to bed early, I do try to get in before midnight. That way I’m not exhausted for when Louis gets up and I can put in a full day without napping on my keyboard”.

What do you love about motherhood? “I love seeing him growing and changing, learning to talk and count, having ideas and opinions, relating to other kids, learning The Laws of the Jungle of Life, learning about being happy versus being sad (that’s the big one this week), the cuddles, the laughter, the hugs, his cute little body, the way he grins with anticipation when we put him on the trike and take him down to the playground, the way he waggles his finger and says “No Mummy!” when he doesn’t want to go to bed, the way he falls asleep and gets that slumbering glow, hearing him call out my name when he wakes up… I could go on and on!!!”

So, insightful one, where do you see yourself in five years? “Yes, I know I am an astrologer and should be able to predict my future but I tend to live day by day – the furthest down the track I usually look is about 6 months”.

Now go see what your future holds: http://www.yasminboland.com

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