The new Entertainment Book is out! First, I should admit to not purchasing one of these for a while but it doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome because they are.  This book is a win-win-win. You win as the owner of a conduit to many potentially great get togethers. The businesses win with new clientel, and, most importantly, the fundraising body you purchased it from gets a cut from your sale. See? It’s all good.

Now of course there are those don’t do vouchers and that’s fair enough. But the good news about that is the vouchers are for the more casual activities. For more formal dining or accommodation you use your gold card which comes with the book. Simply hand it over at bill time. You can check it all out here (including what’s on offer and how to purchase): So go out and give love!


Gold Week – If you’ve spent any time at Sydney’s Children’s Hospital you’ll probably agree that they are doing an amazing job for the sick and injured little people of Sydney. Having worked closely with Variety, the Children’s Charity for many years I can tell you most of the equipment they’re using is enormously expensive. The hospital’s major fundraising week “Gold Week” has just finished but there are still opportunities to give and to help. Check it out:  

May 26 is morning tea time but you can host an event anytime throughout May or June. It’s simple, fun and best of all for a great cause! All you need to do is set a date, brainstorm some great morning tea ideas, invite your guests and raise money to help support the fight against cancer.

This is quite possibly the easiest way to make a difference in the fight against cancer which will affect 1 in every 2 Australians by the time they are 85.

Carpets for Communities (CFC) CFC works with women in Cambodia who are forced to send their children to work or beg to support their family.

Their aim is to empower women to become the source of income by making small rugs from t-shirt material cut offs. The sale of each carpet enables a mother to send her children to school. Read about one such amazing mother. 

These beautiful rugs are handmade from 99% recycled materials. They come in all sizes and prices and have made a big difference to the lives of many Cambodian families.

It’s a small but dedicated team who are selling these rugs at Narrabeen Markets, Paddington Markets and in a few different shops listed on the website. They are so keen to make a difference for Cambodian kids that they’ll even meet you with stock – just contact them! 


Cyclone Yasi, flooding north and south. Take your pick but if you can send a little love somewhere. The Red Cross seem to be in the front line of crisis care.


Having spent Christmas in the far north I witnessed the devastating effect the floods are having on families. The Salvation Army is providing help and support to those affected by these severe floods in QLD, along with the thousands more effected by floods in South Western NSW, particularly in the Wagga Wagga area.  If you think you can help, you can donate online (select Australian Disaster Relief) or call 13 SALVOS (13 72 58).

Every Christmas the Salvation Army is a sign of hope to people in need. They  distribute up to 150,000 food parcels and vouchers, provide accommodation for 10,000 homeless people and refuge for hundreds of victims of abuse during the holidays. They also give 250,000 toys for disadvantaged families and Christmas dinner for 8000 people with nowhere else to go.

Variety, the Children’s Charity is all about empowering children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs to live, laugh and learn. Variety is an international organisation that first began in Australia in 1975. To date they have delivered over $112 million net to help Australian kid’s in need.

Cantoo is a non-profit program that matches fitness incentives with a good cause. So far it has raised over $5 million dollars to help support young researchers with innovative ideas, enabling them to pursue projects that are the most promising in their potential to cure cancer.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Australia. An estimated 115,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer by 85.  
Angie has raised over $9,000 through Cantoo to date. Read about: Angie and her mission
Yasmin Boland supports: GIFT OF LIFE

Some 200,000 children born in India each year have heart problems. Operations cost around $3500 each and are totally beyond affordability for many Indian parents. GIFT OF LIFE raises money to pay for these operations. The program is run by Narayani Amma with the approval of the Indian Government.     Read About: GIFT OF LIFE Read About: Yasmin Boland         


I often meet amazing mummies through writing for magazines, Creative Beading and Australian Knitting. Sharon Hutton is one of them – a talented artisan with a caring, generous spirit. Meet Sharon Hutton        

According to ATO stats there are over 48,000 registered charities in Australia. That’s 48,000 plus thousands of other worthy causes fundraising, advocating and raising awareness in our community.  Thankfully for many Not For Profits, it is not the strength of the dollar but the strength of dedicated supporters that keep them going.  In 2004 Tara Hunt inherited money she wanted to do some good with. The result was The Hunt FoundationRead more.

One Response to GIVE LOVE

  1. Barb Quill says:

    “Carpets for Communities” is an awe-inspiring project, actively helping to break the cycle of poverty and save children ‘at-risk’!!!
    As a happy rug-owner, I recommend that you visit their stall at Paddington, Narrabeen and Manly Fair Trade markets, or check them out online via the website link.
    Each rug is individually (& painstakingly!) hand-crafted and comes with its own family story of the Cambodian ‘mum’ who made it …….a great feeling to know you have contributed to the education and well-being of her kids!! 🙂

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