The Storyteller

Kate Clere is passionate about stories that celebrate the human spirit and inspire respect and responsibility for the environment.

It’s a passion she shares with the other half of Second Nature Films, Mick McIntyre who is also her partner on the home front. They’ve just returned from filming in India with their children in tow.

“I’ve always been a storyteller and always loved film. Growing up, I spent many Sunday afternoons tucked up in front of the old black and white TV watching movies. I actually spent the first 15 years out of school performing, directing and being part of an amazing world of alternate theatre. Then I met Mick. He’d just wound up 15 years on feature film sets and was ready to go out on his own. So we did”.

“We make a good husband-wife team. It has taken us years to find the balance of our skills and energies but I think we now have a way that feeds and nurtures our life – less fighting, more creativity – which means more energy to give our kids, our home and family life”.

“We usually have a few projects running. The two now are Yogawoman, soon to be released and Captain Kirk, which has just started filming”.

Yogawoman (Trailer) has been an amazing adventure and privilege travelling the world interviewing many of the great women of yoga. The film uncovers the empowering ways women are weaving yoga into their lives, amongst the chaos and multi-tasking, to bring balance and joy to themselves, their family friends and community. This is such an amazing documentary for women in particular. Check out: or become a friend:

Captain Kirk is following the journey of celebrated Sydney Swans AFL captain Brett Kirk as he takes his family around the world promoting AFL. He recently became the AFL international ambassador and we went with him to India as he taught footy in villages, schools, orphanages and sports stadiums. Brett is an inspiring person, footy player, leader and family man. With his brilliant wife Hayley they have taken their four young kids on the road, which is an awesome undertaking!! Check out both Kirks blogs on:

How does work fit with family life? “…Ah family life. I love being a mother. It is my foundation that brings me love and joy and deep satisfaction. But it can really get in the way of a good days work. Our job has no boundaries, no real time off and offers endless opportunities to work – so finding that balance with kids is constant. Now they are both at school I am a work fiend during school hours. I never get my haircut, clean the house, meet a friend for coffee or stop to buy new undies during the workweek. I shop for groceries after the kids are in bed, the house is mostly messy and you can picture the underwear”.

“We seem destined to make films that cover the globe. We often envy those folk making Bondi Rescue who pick up shots after their Saturday morning swim. Yogawoman was filmed in nine countries over two years. Taking the kids on location is tough. We often work 14-hour days and every second when we are out of the country (we’re always racing home and be with the kids). This would never be possible without my amazing sister Pip who travelled from NZ to spend many weeks caring for our kids. Thanks Pip!”

“After Yogawoman the kids said we could never go on location without them again. So this year we took them to India with the Kirk family to film. It was an amazing experience. Piripi got to be part of footy training with Brett while we filmed, Miro had three little Kirk sisters to play with and we all experienced the life, colour and magnificence of India”.

What do you love about motherhood? “There is something so deeply healing for me about being a mother. Each stage has bought so many trials and so many rewards. Right now with Piripi, 10, we have hours full of conversations about the world, its mysteries and his discoveries. Miro is 7 and delighted in all life has to offer. She is kind and thoughtful and fun to hang with. Traveling with them changed us and it feels we are a team again. When Mick and I are away too often or focus too much on work, we fall apart as a family and yell and cry and fight and miss each other”.

Anything else you’d like to share? “As I multitask my way through my 40s, my biggest challenge is to be in the present. Being in the moment with my kids so I don’t miss them growing up, experiencing this amazing work we are doing and relishing the details, recognising the extraordinary partnership I have with Mick and taking a moment in amongst the chaos to be inside and experience my own inner divinity”.

Favorite Park? “The endless changing moods of Bronte Park and the bush walk between Milk beach and Nielson Park”.

Charity? “I am in love with so many great projects that I’ve witnessed in the last few years”. Check out:

The Art of Yoga Project

Off the Mat. Into the World

African Yoga Project



Whales Alive


Family Tune: ‘These days’ by Powderfinger

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