Moon Lovin Yasmin

So how does beach life in Bondi (with parking) and Sydney winter holidays in Paris sound? Now combine that with a successful career, a house hubby who cooks like a chef, a sweet little boy called Louis and the ability to tell the future, and you’ve got the life of writer and astrologer, Yasmin Boland.

Fav Park: “I’m more of a beach girl – one of my very favourite places is Bondi Beach. If pushed, I could say I do enjoy the parkland around Bondi Beach”. 

Fav Kid’s Song: “I love the Wiggles for the many, MANY hours of joy they’ve brought my son and therefore me! Of all the songs, I’d probably have to go for Hot Potato”.

Fav Recipe or Thing in the Kitchen: “My husband!”

Charity of Choice? Gift Of Life – it raises money to pay for operations on some of the 200,000 children born in India each year with heart problems. The operations cost around $3500 each (depending on the exchange rate) and are totally beyond affordability for many Indian parents. The program is run by Narayani Amma with the approval of the Indian Government. GIFT OF LIFE

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